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Appendix 2, CVs of policymakers and members of the Supervisory Board

Policymakers as at 30 September 2016

  Michèle Hagers (1966) has been a member of our Assurance Management Team since February 2011 and chairman since July 2014. Michèle joined EY in 1989 and became partner in 2000. In recent years Michèle was, amongst other roles, Managing Partner of our Amsterdam office. Michèle is specialized in Asset Management and her clients’ experience lies mainly in the fashion and retail industry as well as the health sector. Michèle has served various multinational clients and helped solve significant, complex audit and accounting matters. She has also worked with clients facing complex organizational changes.
  Joep Heijster (1969) has been a member of our Assurance Management Team since July 2014. Joep joined EY in 1992 and became partner in 2005. Joep’s clients’ experience lies in Real Estate, Hospitality and Construction, as well as in family businesses. In earlier years Joep was the Managing Partner for the cluster Venlo-Maastricht and he was responsible for the sector Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction for the region South Netherlands. Joep has working experience with various multinationals and PIE’s/OOB’s. He has been a teacher at Maastricht University.
  Jeroen Kamphuis (1967) has been a member of our Assurance Management Team since January 2015. Jeroen joined EY in 1990 and became partner in 2004. He spent 2 years working for EY in Germany. Jeroen’s client experience lies in Transport & Logistics as well as with Professional services firms. Jeroen has working experience with various multinationals and PIE’s/OOB’s. In recent years, Jeroen was, amongst other, industry leader Transport & Logistics, managing partner of our Rotterdam office and regional managing partner of our offices in Zuid Holland. Before being appointed in our Assurance Management Team, Jeroen was member of our Regional Partner Forum.
  Patrick Rottiers (1965) has been a member of our Assurance Management Team since July 2011. Patrick joined EY in 1988 and became partner in 2000. His experience includes being in charge of HR matters in the Antwerp office and the job of Policies and Practice director. He is currently Assurance leader in Belgium. Patrick’s clients’ experience lies in Belgian family businesses with foreign activities. He has a deep knowledge of IFRS and US GAAP. Since July 2016 Patrick has become the BeNe Risk Management Leader.
  Wouter Smit (1970) is our Assurance Leader for FSO Netherlands since January 2015 and in that role he attends part of the meetings of our Assurance Management Team. Wouter joined EY in 1995 and was promoted partner in 2006. His client portfolio consists mainly of large international financial services companies, many of them listed, in the Netherlands and in the US.
  Yves tiberghien (1960) has been a member of our Assurance Management Team since September 2014. Yves joined EY in 1987 and became partner in 1996. Yves has been responsible for Accountancy Compliance and Reporting in Belgium. He is currently CFO of EY Belgium and the Netherlands. He was part of the EY Belgian Leadership Team directie comité) for more than 10 years and held different roles in EY’s Continental Western Europe Area before EMEIA was created. Yves’s clients’ experience lies in Belgian subsidiaries of international groups. He has a deep knowledge of Belgian Tax law.
  Jules Verhagen (1963) has been a member of our Assurance Management Team since September 2010 and is responsible for markets. Jules joined EY in 1986 and became partner in 1997. Among other roles, he was chairman of our industry group Health Care and Life Sciences and a member of the partner advisory council from 2004 until 2010. Jules’ clients’ experience lies in health care, health care insurances and life sciences.
The portfolios of the policymakers are summarized in the table below:

Responsibility Name Joined EY in Policymaker since Gender Nationality
Chairman Michèle Hagers 1989 14-02-2011 Female Dutch
Markets Netherlands Jules Verhagen 1986 01-09-2010 Male Dutch
PPD Jeroen Kamphuis 1990 01-01-2015 Male Dutch
Talent (incl. HR) Joep Heijster 1992 01-07-2014 Male Dutch
FSO Netherlands Wouter Smit 1995 01-01-2015 Male Dutch
Markets Belgium Patrick Rottiers 1988 01-07-2011 Male Belgian
ACR BeNe Yves tiberghien 1987 01-09-2014 Male Belgian

Members of the Supervisory Board

  Pauline van der Meer Mohr (1960, Chair) was appointed as chair of the supervisory board on 1 July 2015. She has extensive legal and human resources experience across a number of different sectors, together with valuable experience of contributing to the Dutch Banking Code Monitoring Commission. Ms van der Meer Mohr is a member of the supervisory boards of ASML, DSM and independent non-executive Director at HSBC. She serves on several other supervisory and advisory boards, including being chair of the supervisory board of Nederlands Dans Theater. Her former appointments include: member of the Dutch Banking Code Monitoring Commission, President of the Executive Board of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Group Human Resources at ABN AMRO, Group Human Resources Director at TNT and several director positions at Shell. Ms van der Meer Mohr holds a master’s degree in law from Erasmus University Rotterdam as well as a master’s degree in Dispute Resolution from the University of Amsterdam.
  Dr. Steven van Eijck (1959, vice-chair) was appointed as vice-chair of the supervisory board on 1 July 2015, after having been Chair of EY’s Public Interest Committee from 2013 till 2015. Mr. Van Eijck has extensive experience in academics, politics, business and philanthropy. Among other posts, he is currently Chair of the Major Alliance Netherlands and President of RAI Association which is responsible for the Dutch mobility industry. He was junior minister (‘staatssecretaris’) at the Ministry of Finance and served as Government Commissioner on policies regarding adolescents. Until joining government, Mr. Van Eijck was a senior associate professor in various areas of finance and fiscal policy at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In addition, and over the years, he has founded various companies. Mr. Van Eijck holds a master’s degree in Fiscal Economics and a PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  Jean-Yves Jégourel (1961) has been appointed to the supervisory board at 1 July 2015. He has extensive experience on financial, M & A and cross-border transactions serving large multinationals across Europe and the United States. As a member of the board of Directors of EY EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India, Africa) mr. Jégourel is responsible for the Assurance practice. He joined EY France in 1984 as an auditor and was appointed as audit partner in 1995 He has been member of the board of EY France and Luxembourg and Professional Practice Group Leader of EY in EMEIA. Before joining the board of EY EMEIA he was vice-chair Quality and Risk Management for EY in the United States. Mr. Jégourel has graduated from the Brest Business School and holds a DEC (chartered accountant) degree.
  Monique Maarsen (1968) was appointed to the supervisory board on 1 July 2015. Ms Maarsen is Managing Director and owner of Maarsen Groep, bearing general ultimate responsibility for the group’s operational and investment activities with a specialization in initiating developmental activities. She is chair of the supervisory board of Stichting KiKa as well as fulfilling various advisory roles. She started her career as an International Consultant at Nestlé in Switzerland and has been Investment Broker at DTZ Zadelhoff in London and Commercial Director at Maarsen Groep. Ms Maarsen holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and Management at Groningen University.