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Specific standard disclosures

Material topic Description GRI Aspect GRI Specific Standard Disclosures - Indicators
1. Innovation
  • Utilize new technology, digitization, data analytics to advance service offerings.
  • Develop creative integrated and sustainability services.
  • Foster entrepreneurial ecosystems.
Economic performance G4-EC1
2. Quality of service
  • Continuously safeguard the quality of our service by delivering exceptional client service: connected, responsive and insightful.
  • Gain full insight into sectors, businesses and needs of our clients.
  • Provide assurance on financial and non-financial performance of organizations.
Economic Performance
Product and Service Labeling*
G4- EC1
G4- PR5
3. Responsible citizenship
  • Having positive and strong relationships with all our stakeholders.
  • Strengthen EY’s position in the public debate.
  • Share our intellectual capital with society at large.
Local Communities
Economic Performance
G4-S01, G4-SO2
4. Recruiting and retaining top talent
  • Create diverse and inclusive high performing teams.
  • Invest in personal career design.
  • Care for vital workforce.
Employment Labor/Management Relations Occupational Health and Safety Diversity and Equal Opportunity G4- EC3, G4-LA1, G4-LA2, G4-LA3, G4-LA4, G4-LA5, G4-LA6, G4-LA7, G4-LA8, G4-LA12
5. Learning and development
  • Invest in tailored and personal development.
  • Optimize training on the job.
Training and Education G4-LA9, G4-LA10, G4-LA11
6. Sustainable performance
  • Achieve leading growth and competitive earnings.
  • Leverage globally integrated organization.
  • Manage our own environmental impact.
Economic Performance
G4-EC1, G4-EC4, G4-EC2, G4-EN15, G4-EN19
7. Independence, integrity and ethical standards
  • Embrace good governance practices (fostering risk quality management and independence procedures).
  • Provide services that meet our ethical standards (e.g. in accordance with the EY Global Code of Conduct).
Customer Privacy
G4-SO3, G4-SO4, G4-SO5, G4-PR08

* For the aspects Product and Service Labelling and Emissions EY reports only those indicators that are material to a professional service organization.