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Occupational health and safety

Recruiting and retaining top talent Occupational health and safety a. Why is this Aspect material?
EY’s working conditions are of significant value to ourselves and our stakeholders, especially (potential) employees, because they concern their wellbeing and are an integral part of EY’s reputation as employer of choice.
b. How does EY manage this Aspect or its impact?
We make high demands on our people and encourage them to grow and get the best out of themselves. Moreover, we believe in the power of healthy and active people. That is why we invest in flexible and vital work experience and dedicated programs to foster a healthy, dynamic and safe environment and to support the vitality of our teams. The backbone of our Vitality strategy consists of four programs tailored to different target groups in order to make a lasting contribution to a healthy work-life balance. Read more about this in our Vitality section.
c. How do we evaluate the way we manage this Aspect?
To evaluate our results we developed the following Performance Indicators: employee engagement score and absenteeism rate and number of people visiting EY internal social counselors.