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Responsible Citizenship Local Communities
Economic performance
a. Why is this Aspect material?
EY gives high priority to establish and maintain a positive and strong relationship with all its stakeholders. From a responsibile citizen perspective, we want to strengthen EY’s position in the public debate, invest in our surrounding communities, transfer and leverage our intellectual capital to society at large and manage our own environmental impact as discussed above under GRI aspect Emissions.
b. How does EY manage this Aspect or its impact?
We seek to connect in an open and transparant way with our many different stakeholders like clients, supervisors, public authorities, knowledge institutions, regulators and standard setters, politicians and civil society organizations, and build relations based on integrity and trust. By extending the reach of our core business and competencies in the areas of entrepreneurship, developing future generations of talent and building a more diverse and inclusive society, we can support global, regional and local economic stability and growth, and address some of the major issues that the world is facing. We proactively share our knowledge about these matters with stakeholders by publishing Thought Leadership and have implemented a CO2 emission management system for our own operations (discussed above). Furthermore, our community investment programs also aim to stimulate personal development of our employees by broadening their horizons, sharing their knowledge, giving them an idea of what sustainable and social entrepreneurship means in practice, and allowing them to gain new insights and develop valuable soft skills. EY NL has renewed its strategy for community investment by focusing on three main pillars: youth employment, inclusiveness, and sustainable energy (discussed above). More information about our community investment strategy can be found in the Responsible citizenship chapter.
c. How do we evaluate the way we manage this Aspect?
To evaluate our results we steer on total amount of community investment hours and the stakeholder engagement score.