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a. Why is this Aspect material?
EY NL’s economic performance is of significant value to our stakeholders and ourselves, because it directly influences the financial position of our external stakeholders, in particular our suppliers, government, and our people and partners. We invest in innovation of our services is a base for long term investment, to succesfully create sustainable growth and foster entrepreneurial ecosystems. We run our operations effectively and efficiently to achieve a sustainable performance − the revenues we need to invest in buidling a leading global professional services organization that offers competitive earnings to attract and retain world class talent.
b. How does EY manage this Aspect or its impact?
A relentless focus on winning in the market is the first strategic pillar of our strategy to build a better working world and achieve our Vision 2020 ambition. To create a truly differentiated client experience, worldwide and every time, we have a single vision of the difference that defines EY: our exceptional client service framework, delivered by the highest performing teams, worldwide. We use our Expectations of Service Quality framework to understand client expectations before work begins, and subsequently measure how well we perform against those expectations through ourAssessment of Service Quality (ASQ). There is a three-years market leadership plan that sets out our mid-term goals. Furthermore, there is an annual financial planning cycle to determine the financial goals for the year concerned. These goals relate to revenue, direct costs, gross margin, indirect costs, operating profit and performance drivers/KPIs. Go See our Markets chapter to read more about how we manage our growth performance, including our exceptional client service framework. Please refer to our EYnovation section to understand how we help startups and scale-ups create sustainable growth and foster entrepreneurial ecosystems. Strengthen global and empower local is our third strategic pillar. it balances the global and local aspects of our business. Go See the Operations chapter to read more about our financial contribution, sustainability in operations regarding our CO2 emission management system for our own operations, quality, indepence and risk management. In our Strategic Framework chapter we explain our business model of value creation in more detail.
c. How do we evaluate the way we manage this Aspect?
The three-year plan is annually reviewed and updated to take into account recent developments. We formulated several Performance Indicators to monitor the progress within our strategic framework. These are: a recommendation score of 7 or higher as part of the ASQ, revenue growth, brand score, operating cost ratio, quality review, independence review and emissions in tCO2 and tCO2 per FTE. Our results can be found in the Strategic framework/Vision 2020 in the Dutch market and Markets and Operations chapters. We use a variety of operational performance indicators to run our business on a day to day basis.