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Customer privacy

Independence, integrity and ethical standards Customer privacy a. Why is this Aspect material?
Protection of client information is of significant value to ourselves and our stakeholders, mainly clients, because the nature of our services provides us with access to sensitive information, which is also stored in our files. This may include information about strategic organizational aspects that provide competitive advantage to our clients. Our professionals are obliged by professional regulations and the law to respect confidentiality. For more information about our professional values please refer to About EY.
b. How does EY manage this Aspect or its impact?
Protecting confidential information is ingrained in the everyday activities of EY. Respect for intellectual capital, and all other sensitive and restricted information, is established within the Global Code of Conduct, which provides a clear set of behaviors expected of all EY people. In order to further enhance this approach to protecting information, and to reflect the ever-increasing use and distribution of restricted data, EY launched a new Global Confidentiality Policy in 2015. This policy provides added clarity to EY people and forms the fundamental element of a wider approach that includes other key policies on conflicts of interest, personal data privacy and records retention.
c. How do we evaluate the way we manage this Aspect?
Confidentiality is strongly embedded in EY’s organizational culture and tone at the top and is instilled in the minds of our people. This is guided by one of our key values, People who demonstrate integrity, respect and teaming. When confidentiality issues arise, EY’s legal department is involved and takes appropriate action if necessary.