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Appendix 4. G4-12: Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct regarding Corporate Responsibility

EY expects its suppliers to act with responsibility and integrity. This Supplier Code of Conduct has been developed on the basis of such expectation. By signing the Supplier Code of Conduct, you, as a prospective supplier, commit to complying with the principles below as adopted by EY. The Supplier Code of Conduct forms an integral part of the agreement to be concluded between EY and the supplier or suppliers selected.

1. Working conditions
Suppliers shall treat their workers in conformity with current laws. Wages, terms and conditions of employment, working conditions and working hours must be in balance and suitable for the market in which the supplier operates.

2. Child labour
Suppliers shall observe any and all laws, rules and regulations applying to child labour, in particular ILO Conventions 138 and 182, and shall take adequate action to comply with those conventions.

3. Illegal labour
EY expects suppliers to refrain from employing illegal workers or workers who perform forced labour.

4. Discrimination
EY expects suppliers to refrain from any discrimination on the grounds of age, race, skin colour, religion, origin, sexual orientation, handicaps, civil status, war past or sex, or any other circumstances protected by law.

5. Intimidation
EY prohibits sexual harassment and intimidation on the basis of race, skin colour, origin, past, religion, religious conviction, sexual orientation, physical or mental constitution, civil status, health, war past or any other circumstances protected by law. The same is expected from suppliers.

1. Environmental permits and reports
To the extent applicable, suppliers have obtained all obligatory environmental permits, approvals and registrations, and shall keep such in compliance with all relevant obligations.

2. Use/reduced use of fossil material
EY expects suppliers to actively measure their environmental impact and aim to reduce such impact, and actively work to reduce the use of fossil material and water. In addition, EY considers it extremely important that suppliers pursue active waste management policies.

3. Awareness in the organization
Suppliers shall notify their employees about CO2 emissions and their wider impact on the environment and how they can help reduce such impact.


Suppliers shall report on both their financial results and Corporate Responsibility in a transparent way.

EY expects its suppliers to comply with the principles laid down in this Supplier Code of Conduct. Suppliers that are unable to do so in respect of any point or several points are expected to notify EY accordingly.

Suppliers shall distribute a copy of this Supplier Code of Conduct to their organization’s management in order to guarantee sufficient support in the organization. Suppliers shall also distribute copies hereof to any subcontractors whose services they retain. Such subcontractors shall comply with and expressly state their willingness to act upon this Supplier Code of Conduct.