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Appendix 3. G4-12: Supply chain EY NL

Supply chain
The GRI G4 glossary defines supply chain as a sequence of activities or parties that provide products or services to EY NL. Therefore, it focuses on our suppliers, which form an important part of our stakeholder network. The main goods and services purchased and the key suppliers are shown below.

Goods and services Suppliers
Lease cars Leaseplan Nederland NV
Facilities AAFM Facility Management
External Content Kluwer bv
Talent Universiteit Nyenrode
Consulting RSG Governance, Risk and Compliance BV

Our suppliers deliver goods and services which are critical to our entire organization. This is handled by our internal procurement department. To guarantee independence, the risk management department is involved in ensuring independence to our clients at all times. Detailed information on how we approach and aim to relate with our suppliers is laid down in our Global Procurement Policy. This also includes our procurement strategy, risk management and integrity.

Corporate Responsibility
We aim to create the most value from our purchases and prevent them from having any indirect impact through probable unresponsible behavior by any business partner. Therefore, all our suppliers must sign our Supplier Code of Conduct. By the end of FY 2015/2016, 94.4% are compliant with our code of conduct.