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Appendix 2. G4-24, G4-25, G4-26 & G4-27: Overview of EY NL’s stakeholder engagement in FY 2015/2016

Stakeholder group Nature of the dialogue/approach in 2014/2015 Main topics 2014/2015 Our response
- Client Satisfaction Program

- Tomorrow’s Economy breakfast meeting

- Leveraging EY’s network to support entrepreneurship
- White papers and publications.
We use our Expectations of Service Quality (ESQ) framework to understand client expectations before work begins, and subsequently measure how well we perform against those expectations through our Assessment of Service Quality (ASQ).

Quarterly up-date on economic developments. On the agenda: COP 21 Paris Climate Agreement, Innovation, strategic growth and diversity and the Olympics: parallels between sport and business.

Innovative entrepreneurship and startups.

A variety of topics, related to our services.
ESQ helps us tailor our services to client needs. The feed-back of the ASQ enables us to drive actions that matter to our clients but also disclose risks as well and identify opportunities.

Reflection with top level executives on economic development and activities.

EYnovation program.

Barometer Nederlands vestigingsklimaat
Barometer Nederlandse gezondheidszorg
Reporting magazine (Assurance)
T magazine (Tax)
Exceptional Magazine (Advisory)
Capital confidence Barometer (TAS)
- Meetings with and inspections and reviews by the AFM and PCAOB.


Meetings with the Dutch Ministry of Finance and the Dutch Tax Authorities.
Discussions around governance, in control framework, file inspections, AFM inspection dashboard, thematic review on fraud & corruption risks and ad hoc/incident based reviews.

Discussions around tax policy and tax conduct.
Online training events for all audit professionals regarding
lesson’s learned.
Increased effort and investments in inflight review & coaching.
Investments in Quality support
Root cause analysis.

Providing points of view and exchanging experiences.

Working visits for Dutch MPs (VVD, PvdA, D66, PVV, SP).

- Organizing convenings with politicians and business executives to inspire the debate on important societal topics.
Increasing trust and understanding between EY and politicians by explaining the activities (including the dilemmas) of tax and audit professionals in depth.

Three convenings have been held on the themes: Digital Attractiveness, Entrepreneurship and The Future of the Dutch Energy sector.
The working visits will be continued, as part of our dialogue with politicians.

Convenings are a structural part of EY’s stakeholder engagement program.
- Round table dialogues, with in total 56 Supervisory Board members, external experts/speakers and EY partners.


Leergang Commissariaat
Supervising fiscal planning and strategy.
Executive Remuneration.
Collaboration internal accountant, external accountant and audit committee.

Dialogue with Supervisory Board members on a variety of topics (e.g. risk management, fraud, data analytics, sustainability, strategy).
The outcomes of the round tables are described in the report (to be found on www.EY.nl / about us / stakeholder dialogue).

Developing and sharing thought leadership regarding the supervisory function.
- Active participation in the professional bodies.


Community investment.
Sector releated topics.

Revising our community investment strategy and developing targets for 2016-2020.
Sustainability-related initiatives (carbon reduction), social entrepreneurship and inclusiveness.
Participation in discussions, providing presentations, lectures and publications.

Our renewed Community Investment strategy fosters social organizations that contribute to a better urban environment. ‘Better’ refers to three pillars: Youth Employment, Inclusiveness and Sustainable Energy.
- EY Connect Office Roadshows of combined Regional Leadership Team.


Learning and Talent Development Program.


Counseling family trees.


Two-yearly Global People Pulse.


Works council.


PMDP planning cycle.
Discuss the progress we have made in realizing our Vision 2020 ambition and how each individual can contribute to achieving our goals.

Flexibility and occupational qualification in learning and development.
Entrepreneurship and innovation.

Career management, coaching, learning, EY’s Vision 2020.
Building a Better Working World.

People Pulse topics include engagement, career value, exceptional client service and quality, corporate sustainability, high-performing teams, leadership, people management, and recognizing and rewarding excellence.

Talent and business related topics.

Performance and employee development plans and career opportunities at EY.
Questions and outcomes were discussed in the combined Regional Leadership Team and we undertake specific interventions to follow up. Interaction with employees is a continuous focus of the combined Regional Leadership Team.

Blended learning is part of facilitating flexible working and learning for our professionals.
Innovate EY.

Frequent discussions and coaching sessions.

People Pulse scores provide input for Talent development topics: Leadership, Diversity & Inclusiveness and further tailoring of EY talent framework and community investment through pro bono advisory and voluntary work.

In the spirit of a good, constructive and open dialogue numerous talent and business related topics and challenges are discussed and solved with a view to the interests of the employees and the employer and compliant with legislation.

Ongoing activity - key activity of our talent development program and performance measurement program.
- Partner Connect Meetings.



GPPM planning cycle.

- Regional Partner Forum (BeNe).
Quarterly meetings where we discuss various topics e.g. Global/EMEIA developments, financial performance, quality, markets and talent.

Performance and Partner development plans and career opportunities at EY.

Strategic and operational matters.
Questions and outcomes were discussed in the combined Regional Leadership Team. Interaction with partners is a continuous focus of the combined Regional Leadership Team.

Ongoing activity - key activity of our partner development program and performance measurement program.

Input and feedback regarding decision-making by the combined Regional Leadership Team.

Student debates/future employees
- Alumni Group
Future of the audit profession.

Alumni event.
Involving students in the material societal topics and work at EY.

Our alumni are important embassadors of EY. They can reflect on both EY services and performance and on relevant themes in their new role.
- EY provides bro bono lectures at universities
- EY provides Masterclasses on the future of the audit profession

Employer brand recognition

- In-house and external recruiting events (in-house days, business courses, job fairs, study association days, guest lectures, internships, presentations, etcetera).
- Employer brand activities.
Financial Management
Accounting Information Systems
Financial Auditing
Fnancial Reporting

Our recruitment activities focus on content-driven presentations, skills workshops, business cases and simulations to provide a realistic picture of working at EY.

Events focusing on the early identification of talents.
As a professional service firm also providing statutory audit services it is our responsibility to actively contribute to the accounting and auditing curriculum of universities to bring practical insights into theoretical concepts. Furthermore, we seek and learn from their insights in our stakeholder dialogue. We bring in practical business perspectives and cases, which is of added value to the theoretical knowledge in the curriculum.

Ongoing, and continuation of activities and monitoring our employer position with other companies (e.g. the Universum ranking, an annual ideal employer ranking metric).

Further roll-out of the employer branding activities.
- Supplier code of conduct


Convenings with suppliers and other companies.
Activation of the dialogue with our key suppliers on the CSR standards in relation to their products/services (social, ecological and ethical aspects).

Fostering social inclusiveness.
In FY 16, for example, we re-used office furniture as part of our ambition to optimize sustainable operations.

EY is partner in the ‘99 van’. This coalition encourages social inclusiveness within organisations. Together with our facilities partner, we started accessing possiblities to contribute to this goal.
- Roundtables for analysts and investors and representatives of institutional investors (Eumedion) and private investors (VEB).
- Periodical publications e.g. Barometer Nederlands Vestigingsklimaat.
Dialogue with investors on a variety of topics. Ongoing activity addressing a variety of topics such as reporting and auditing in 2025, impact of the mandatroy audit firm rotation, the segregation of audit and non-audit work and the consequences of introducing a Supervisory Board for EY’s auditors, the new style auditor’s opinion and communication with the auditor.
- Expert meetings on relevant topics, interviews, press releases and invitations for journalists for corporate events.
Future of audit profession, quality, regular inspection of oversight, corporate and strategic topics (such as new CMP, acquisitions, etc), thought leadership materials (e.g. attractiveness survey), external newsworthy topics (such as tax evasion). Continuation of building and strengthening relationships with relevant journalists of key media by sharing corporate statements, thought leadership materials, publications and by giving background information through interviews with figure heads and spokespersons of EY.