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Appendix 10. G4-43: Partner Development Program

The personal and professional development of our partners is crucial to achieve Vision 2020. Our growth as individuals drives the collective growth of our organization and is critical to the success of our business today and in the future. Clients and investors demand it and regulators both expect and inspect it.

One of the pillars in EY’s Vision 2020 is to create ‘Highest Performing Teams’. These are necessary to meet the expectations of our clients with their increasingly complex demands. Teams are able to produce results that individuals, no matter how talented they are, cannot achieve. However, the challenge of highest performing teams is to include the individual contributions of its members in one team, where all the diverse talents fit in neatly and team members manage to cope with the pressure that comes with high performance. This challenge needs leadership from us all. Leadership at EY is grounded in our values, commitment to technical excellence and inclusiveness and our ambition of building a better working world.

Our partners are often in the partner role for a considerable length of time at EY and this allow them to engage in many different activities during their career. As a result, individual partner career paths are extremely varied. One of the advantages of a partnership environment is the wide scope for crafting a highly personalized and unique career journey. We have identified four distinctive, core roles our partners can play in the organization: account leader, market segment leader, engagement partner and executive leader. The four role categories are all important to EY. Complementary partner roles sit within each category (for example, ‘engagement partner’ includes service line technical specialists). Particular roles in each category reflect the range of scale and complexity across our business. These core roles do not represent distinct career tracks. Our partners frequently fulfil roles in multiple categories at the same time and, in performance management terms, are evaluated on their overall contribution. Partners can refer to these roles when reflecting on their preferences, motivations and personal strengths, to think about how they can maximize the alignment between their role and their strengths, motivations and aspirations.

Wherever partners are in their partner career journey, our goal is to accelerate their performance, advancement and personal growth. Currently we are making an increased investment in EYU — our development framework — for partners. We encourage partners to make the most of the opportunities available to them through EYU. EYU for partners is based on the same 70/20/10 philosophy that underpins the way we develop all our people. This means that 70% of your development will always come from the challenge of real life experiences, 20% will be a consequence of on-the-job coaching and feedback and 10% will be through virtual and classroom learning, as well as self-study.

As part of our effort to strengthen the experience of our partners at EY, we are placing increased emphasis on purposeful career conversations. All partners will be offered an independent career review every three years. This will be in addition to the ongoing career conversations partners already participate in as part of the Global Partner Performance Management (GPPM) process.

Partner Development Curriculum
Learning & Talent Development offers our Global Partner Development curriculum expanded with some local initiatives and programs in line with requests from the combined Regional Leadership Team. We offer tailormade programs and fulfil the role of a personal guide, confidential coach and advisor for all development questions within the partner population aimed at stimulating the personal and professional development of our partners. All our activities are aligned with the EYU framework to help partners obtain the proper learning, experiences and coaching to achieve this and become true business leaders. The program provides an environment that encourages coaching, which will help turn learning and experiences into practice.