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9 Income tax expense

        2015/2016   2014/2015
        €000   €000
 Income tax: current financial year       -12   -42

These tax charges relate exclusively to autonomous taxpaying subsidiaries. Tax on the remainder of the result for the financial year is borne by the members. As this also applies to differences in measurement for tax purposes and financial reporting purposes, EYNL has no deferred tax assets or liabilities.

There are no direct equity movements on which current or deferred tax is computed.

There are no recognized or unrecognized losses available for relief.

The tax reconciliation in respect of group profits is as follows:

        2015/2016   2014/2015
        €000   €000
Profit before tax       127,019   138,893
Tax at 25% (2014/2015: 25%)       -31,755   -34,723
Tax on partnership profits attributable to the members       31,743   34,670
Taxes receivable for previous year       -   11
Taxes payable by subsidiaries       -12   -42