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24 Capital management

EYNL’s objective when managing capital is to safeguard its ability to continue as a going concern. Partly in view of its professional independence requirements, EYNL aims for financing which is predominantly provided voluntarily or compulsorily by the members (and retired members). Each member can be demanded to contribute an amount, not exceeding the amount (if any) unpaid in respect of the capital obligation for which the member is liable as a member. Certain categories of property, plant and equipment, such as cars and computer equipment, are funded through finance or operating leases. Working capital is managed in such a manner that in principle no other external bank needs to be called upon and no other financing needs to be drawn. The same criteria apply to advances of profit shares to the members for the financial year. An exception to this is specific financing of the settlement of drawing rights for which a bank loan and loans from EYGF have been drawn.