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We believe in the power of healthy and active people, which is why we invest in dedicated programs to foster a healthy, dynamic and safe environment and to support the vitality of our teams.

The backbone of our vitality strategy consists of four programs tailored to different target groups and aimed at making a lasting contribution to a healthy work-life balance. Since their launch, more than 1,300 people have joined these programs. We now apply the expertise they generate in our firm-wide learning programs. These programs, which are provided mainly in the summer months, can reach even more people and convince them of the importance of wellbeing. Our people have primary responsibility for their own wellbeing, but we enjoy helping them. We have introduced an online self-help tool (GRIP) to measure energy and stress levels at work and advise on how to improve them. As a next step in the Fit4theJob program, we have created a Social Brain course as part of the Brain2Sustain track. Participants learn more about the basics of the brain and its processes in relation to energy and stress.

The Vitality program and other efforts to optimize working conditions kept absenteeism down to 3.0%, well in line with the previous year
(3.2% in 2014/2015).