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Coaching someone’s personal development takes account not only of the individual but also of the composition of the team. During the year we focused on our teams’ skills and characteristics. Human resource managers, for example, looked at the composition of the teams and the personal development of their individual members in order to optimize their composition. We also took a fresh look at our events and training programs and organized master classes to promote teaming among young talents. We paid special attention to communication.

Clear internal communication is key to our corporate culture and teaming, and to our flexible teams. Our ambition is to have a harmonious workforce, made up of people who feel at home at work, give their best every day and know how they can contribute to our Vision 2020 ambitions. They must therefore know not only what we expect of them but also what makes them proud.

Counseling Family Trees play an important part in our teaming. A Counseling Family is a group of professionals in a service line or industry who guide, mentor and encourage each other on performance, career management, compensation, learning and other vital issues. In this way staff should gain a better understanding. They know how to find each other quickly, are more willing to lend a helping hand and encourage each other to improve. This in turn leads to more effective teams and higher service quality. Moreover, staff gain a better understanding of their own positions within EY’s strategy and how they can contribute to it.

Retention rate
Good score as an employer
Our retention rates are a measure of our attractiveness as an employer. We succeeded in retaining 91% of our top talents last year. This is in line with our 2014/2015 score. This success was confirmed by our staff satisfaction survey. Last year we had an engagement score of 78% favorable, and in the midyear People Pulse we scored 77%. External surveys also confirmed that people enjoy working for us and appreciate us as an employer. A survey quoted in the career magazine Careerwise and a survey by Universum acclaimed EY as the most attractive employer among the Big 4 in the Netherlands.

EY was named the world’s most attractive professional services employer in Universum’s World’s Most Attractive Employer rankings. We are number three among all employers worldwide, behind Google and Apple.