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Engagement score

Results of the People Pulse
At EY, we define and measure engagement through four survey items in the People Pulse:
Pride: ”I am proud to work for EY” (86%).
Commitment: ”I would prefer to remain with EY even if a comparable job were available at another company” (73%).
Advocacy: ”I would recommend EY as a great place to work” (79%).
Satisfaction: ”Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with EY as a place to work” (72%).

We have made progress on all three global priority actions.
Bring our purpose to life
”EY’s purpose of building a better working world motivates me” 6%-pts compared to 2015.

Have authentic and meaningful interactions
”At EY there is open, honest two-way communication” 1%-pts compared to 2015.

Make work even more fulfilling
”My work gives me a sense of personal accomplishment” 8%-pts compared to 2015.
Employee engagement is all about how our people think, act and feel about their work and EY. It includes pride, commitment, advocacy and satisfaction. Our Global People Survey (GPS) that is held every other year is one of the ways we listen to our people. It helps us understand where we are getting it right and where we need to try harder. At the beginning of 2016 we conducted a People Pulse survey, the shorter version of the GPS. It provides a progress update on our engagement score and a select number of important items, including the three global priorities identified after GPS 2015, and reveals how well we are connecting our people to Vision 2020. Some 78% of all employees took part in this staff satisfaction survey - an unprecedentedly high percentage that says a lot about our people’s engagement. The most improved item in GPS-Pulse 2016, with an increase of 11%-pts, was ”I have a good understanding of how my job contributes to EY executing its strategy for Vision 2020.”