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Diversity and inclusiveness

We see cross-cultural strengths and individual differences as strategic advantages and key success factors. We work hard to build a culture that encourages diversity and makes the mix work. We are convinced that an organization with people with a wealth of backgrounds and characteristics contributes to a better world and underpins our own success. Teams with mixed backgrounds, cultures and genders are a source of enrichment and renewal, helping us see the world from a broader perspective.

EY diversity and inclusiveness (D&I) is thus a business imperative that is embedded in all business and talent processes. We equip our people with the skills and confidence they need to team and lead inclusively, so that all our professionals are able to maximize their contributions, regardless of their differences. EY leaders are accountable for mentoring, sponsoring and advancing diverse talent and are recognized for teaming and leading inclusively.

We have set hard targets to achieve our goals in this area. By 2020/2021, we want at least 50% of our new recruits to be women and at least 25% to be from a non-western ethnic background with a bachelor or master’s degree or comparable educational attainment. On average, women must be appraised at least as highly as men. They must also be promoted as often as their male colleagues. In other words, if women make up a third of a department, a third of the promotions must on average be given to women. These targets will improve the career paths of women (and other minority groups) and create a more diverse organization. They are difficult to measure, however, the provision of cultural and other personal information is voluntary.

To underline the importance of this strategy, we have started publishing a special magazine on diversity and inclusiveness, ’Verschil moet er zijn’ and have circulated several newsletters.

In the past fiscal year our gender imbalance marginally narrowed to 59.7% men and 40.3% women versus 60.0% man and 40.0% women in 2014/2015. The small increase was driven by improvements at partner and manager rank in particular. The absolute number of women increased by 145 to 1,727.

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Diversity and inclusiveness programs
We have developed several programs in recent years to increase diversity and inclusiveness, both internally and externally.

To promote the recruitment and promotion of culturally diverse talent:
  • Co-founder of Agora, a business alliance to promote the recruitment and promotion of culturally diverse talent
  • Support for the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF)
  • Internal workshops: multicultural professionalism and web-based learning (EY Globesmart): awareness of the impact of cultural differences in the workplace
  • Internal: career watch
To promote the recruitment and promotion of female talent:
  • Signatory of Talent at the Top
  • Opportunity in Business
  • Women in Financial Services
  • Tax Matters: ’Women in Tax’
  • Internal: training courses on female leadership at various levels – EY Navigator (for senior staff and new managers), Female Leadership (for managers and higher)
  • Internal: Career Watch
  • Internal: Top Parents (for mothers and fathers with young children)
  • Internal: EverYWomen, the women’s network with an extensive digital training program
To promote the recruitment and promotion of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) talent:
  • Sponsor of Workplace Pride
  • Internal: Being an LGBT Ally at EY
To promote the recruitment and promotion of female talent (external/better working world):
  • Sponsor of Professional Boards Forum
  • Women Fast Forward