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We have managed to build a balanced portfolio in both audit and non-audit services. We will continue to invest in people, innovation and technology coupled with unabated improvements in service quality. We will keep a tight grip on prices, margins and costs in order to improve the size and quality of our profit.

In 2016/2017 our highest priority remains consolidating and optimizing our new portfolio and established accounts, with a view to achieving our 2020 Vision ambitions. The challenges will remain the same but our starting position has been improved by our experiences in the past year and the fact that we have moved into the second year of the transition. New audits will start in 2016/2017 and revenue from last year’s acquisitions and the acquisition of OC&C Strategy Consultants Benelux will contribute to our top line, too. On the whole, we expect revenue in 2016/2017 to exceed last year’s level. Our target is a 5% growth.