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Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Ernst & Young Nederland LLP is governed by a Board of Directors elected by Ernst & Young Europe LLP and aproved by the Supervisory Board of EY NL. In fiscal year 2015/2016 the Board members were Marcel van Loo (Chair, Country Managing Partner in the Netherlands), Michèle Hagers (Chair of Ernst & Young Accountants LLP) and Jeroen Davidson (Chair of Ernst & Young Belastingadviseurs LLP). Board members are appointed for an indefinate period of time. Marcel van Loo resigned as Country Managing Partner and Chairman and was succeeded by Coen Boogaart as of July 1, 2016.

Responsibility Name Joined EY in Member since Diversity  
        Gender Nationality
Country Managing Partner Coen Boogaart 1985 01-07-2016 Male NL
Assurance Leader Michèle Hagers 1989 01-07-2014 Female NL
Tax Leader Jeroen Davidson 1990 01-07-2013 Male NL

The Board of Directors provides coordinating leadership in order to optimize the shared course of the business and practices of Ernst & Young Accountants LLP and Ernst & Young Belastingadviseurs LLP and promote their joint strategy. The Directors receive their remuneration for their roles as Directors through their respective practice firms. The Board is responsible for the commercial and financial policies and reputational standing of EY.

Regional Leadership Team
In addition to the legal structure for the Netherlands, depicted before we operate our non-Financial Services Organization in Belgium and the Netherlands (BeNe) through the current combined Regional Leadership Team:

Responsibility Name Joined EY in Member since Diversity  
        Gender Nationality
Regional Managing Partner Rudi Braes 1990 01-07-2011 Male B
Country Managing Partner Coen Boogaart* 1985 01-07-2016 Male NL
Assurance Michèle Hagers 1989 01-07-2014 Female NL
Tax Jeroen Davidson 1990 01-07-2013 Male NL
Advisory Thomas Sileghem 1999 01-01-2013 Male B
TAS Marc Guns 1985 01-07-2008 Male B
Markets Bea Haring 1990 01-07-2008 Female NL
Talent Lorenco van Wieringen 2015 01-09-2015 Male NL
Risk Patrick Rottiers** 1988 01-07-2016 Male B
Operations Erik Kamphuis 2002 01-07-2012 Male NL

* As of July 1, 2016, Marcel van Loo (joined EY in 1989, member since 01-07-2013) was succeeded by Coen Boogaart as Country Managing Partner the Netherlands.
**As of July 1, 2016, Herman Schepers was succeeded by Patrick Rottiers as BeNe Risk Management Leader.

The Financial Services Organization in the Netherlands is led by:

Responsibility Name Joined EY in Member since Diversity  
        Gender Nationality
Managing Partner André ten Damme 2013 01-07-2015 Male NL

Supervisory Board
On July 24, 2015 EY announced the composition of its newly incorporated Supervisory Board. This Board currently consits of three external members and one non-independent member from EY’s international organization. A fifth member is being sought. Members have been appointed for a fouryear period. EY’s Supervisory Board began exercising its supervision with effect from 2015/2016, which commenced on July 1, 2015.

Responsibility   Independent Member Diversity  
    member since Gender Nationality
Pauline van der Meer Mohr Chair 01-07-2015 Yes Female NL
Steven van Eijck   01-07-2015 Yes Male NL
Monique Maarsen   01-07-2015 Yes Female NL
Jean-Yves Jégourel   01-07-2015 No Male FR

Regional Partner Forum (RPF)
The RPF is an advisory body for the combined Regional Leadership Team acting on behalf of the partners. It convenes on a regular basis to discuss matters of strategy and operations and advises and serves as a sounding board for the combined Regional Leadership Team. It also provides input to the Global Governance Council.

Corporate Responsibility Working Group
In the past fiscal year, we integrated the structures in place for Corporate Responsibility and the EY Foundation. The Foundation Board and the former CR Steering Committee have been combined in a newly composed Corporate Responsibility Working Group. This working group initiates corporate responsibility measures, advises the combined Regional Leadership Team and monitors responsible citizenship goals and the CR program of activities. The CR Working Group consists of a representative of all EY service lines and the Markets, Talent, Operations and Brand Marketing & Communications leaders. The CR Working Group is chaired by the CMP and meets 2-3 times a year.

Stakeholder Dialogue Steering Committee
In 2013/2014, EY established a Stakeholder Dialogue Steering Committee to manage its stakeholder engagement in the Netherlands.